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If you are looking for a fence that is both durable and has good visuals, we have the Simtek fence for you. This fence is one of the best among our line of fences because of its features. A lot of property owners value the overall look of their estate and as much as possible they want their fence to look as nice.

If you have not heard of Simtek, well it is a fairly new material for fences. It is made from polyethylene plastic with steel reinforcement within. It was engineered to be sturdy, impact-resistant, and long lasting. It has the ability to endure great force and stay still despite strong weather. What’s best about this is that even when it is made of plastic and steel, the exterior looks as if real stone. It therefore looks expensive even at a good price.

This fence comes in three different types for you to choose from. The options for a Simtek fence include Simtek Ecostone privacy fence, Simtek Ecostone style, and Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence. You can schedule an appointment with us, and we can discuss in detail the characteristics of each type. We can also help you determine which among will best fit your needs.

Since Simtek is very promising, you might be worried that it costs a fortune. But here’s the good news. Simtek fences are very affordable considering all its features. As an overview, the average price is around $2500. It can be as low as $1800 to as much as $4500. The total price is inclusive of materials and the installation cost. The materials can cost about $5 to $25 per square foot, while installation is $15 to $25.

We are a very trusted Fence contractor here in Scottsdale, and you can definitely trust our products.

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