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Owning a property beside highways can be really risky. There is always a danger for accidents because cars are always moving at full speed. Although accidents don’t happen frequently, an accident at a highway is likely to be serious. To ensure that you keep your homes and businesses safe, we recommend that you install guard rails.

On the unfortunate event that a vehicle may crash into your place, with guard rails installed, you can be sure that damages will be minimal for your property.

There are three types of guard rails that you can choose from. We will be discussing each one in detail below.

  • Three-strand Guard Rails

This is the most basic guard rail. It has no car stopping capacity but still it can provide added layer of protection for your property. Although the protection is minimal, this type of guard rail can slow down a vehicle and can therefore reduce the damage that your property may incur. It is also important to note that this is the best option for those with limited budget.

  • Wood Guard Rails

It has the capacity to stop a moving car from inflicting damage to your property and is definitely a good choice for properties near major highways. The drawback for this type is that it requires maintenance because it might need replacement after an accident.

  • Steel Guard Rails

This type can provide maximum protection for your property. It has the best car stopping power and can definitely safeguard your property in case of a car accident. It can resist immense impact and is possibly still intact after a collision. Because of its features, it is the most expensive of the three types.

If you have a property beside the road and you’re interested into having guard rails installed, call us at 480-530-6409.

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