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If you are living a very private life and you are looking for a fence that can give you the best privacy, we offer this Cedar wood fence. It has the best concealment capacity among all the other fences that we sell. If your number 1 priority in terms of getting a fence is to ensure your privacy, then you will surely never go wrong with this fence.

Are you wondering how the Cedar wood fence is the best in terms of coverage? Well, this does not leave any gaps for anyone to peak in. These fences are really tall to prevent anyone from climbing over it and to keep anyone from simply looking over it. It is designed to give the best kind of privacy you desire.

You have two options for this Cedar wood fence. You can either choose the Standard Privacy Type or the shadowboxing type. Either design you choose, both are sure to be very durable and private. To help you choose which one suits you better, we will discuss it further.

The Standard Privacy Type is a type of Cedar wood fence wherein wood planks are fixed together on its sides. In this type, all the wood planks are facing just one direction. Since wood planks are secured together on the sides, it has no openings in between and are therefore very secured.

The Shadowboxing type, on the other hand, is a type of Cedar wood fence wherein the planks are fixed together but on alternating positions. Same with the Standard Privacy Type, the wood planks are connected together on the sides. But instead of facing one single direction, the wood planks are on alternating front and back side.

If you prefer nice looking fences that can last up to ten years, these are perfect for you.

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