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Every baseball and softball field require back stops to prevent any possible accident. During softball and baseball matches, it is very typical to see flying balls everywhere because it is the nature of the game. On some unfortunate situations, the ball may fly directly into the crowd. To prevent anyone from incurring any injury, back stops should be in place. For a back stop to properly serve its purpose, the material then must be durable and trustworthy. As a reliable Scottsdale Fence Company, we guarantee that we can provide the best materials for your fences.

Even when back stop fences are high, balls still have the tendency to fly over it. 

So back stops were made to have a curved top to keep the ball from flying over the fence. This type of fence is normally at the rear end of the field, near the audience, to serve as a barrier for the flying balls.

Most clients prefer, chain links as the material for their back stop fences to still give the audience a full view of the field. But since we like giving options, we do also offer it in other materials like vinyl coated fabric. Back stops are commonly silver metal, but if you have other preference, we can customize the color to your liking.

Usually, fields have four different types of back stop fences around the area.

  • Protective Fence for the Audience

The size of this fence is 2.84 m high and 50 mm wide.

  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

It has the same size as the fence for the audience but is positioned in front of the bench for the players and the dugout.

  • Backstop Fencing

It is 4.88 m high, the tallest among the four types of backstop.

  • Outfield Fence

Same size with the first two types but has a ground clearance of 25.4mm.

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